Events that led to eventValue – Event 2

By Vinayak Rajanahally, Founder and CEO, eventValue

Hope you read the first part of this blog series –“Events that led to eventValue – Event 1”

Let me share the Event 2 below that led to creating eventValue.

Event 2

In 2009, I was working at ibasis, a Royal KPN Dutch Telecom Company as its Regional Director – Indian Subcontinent.  Though I was working as an employee, my personal passion was into Startups and Entrepreneurship.  As it is said, once you are an Entrepreneur, you remain an Entrepreneur for Life.

I was a member of TIE Bangalore and someone from that group told me about an interesting startup event going to be held in Bangalore.  I visited that event’s website, found it interesting and registered myself for it.

Incidentally, I returned back from my abroad business trip on the previous night of that event.  By the time I woke up next day and traveled to that event, it was already 12 noon.  The event had started at 9 AM and several members from audience I met were raving about the Inspirational talks, Sessions from Successful Entrepreneur Speakers before.  Felt very bad for going late and missing them.

Rest of the event that day was great with several interesting speakers.  I noticed that all event sessions were captured by a professional Videographer in the auditorium.  Thought I could catch up my missed sessions by watching the video of the event later.  After few weeks of that event, I got in touch with the Organizers, asked them for a copy of video and my willingness to pay for the same.  They said it is not possible as they have a policy of not sharing event videos.  I asked what will they do with them.  They replied they shall send copies only to event sponsors and keep the Master Original for their office records.  Could not understand why ?

Two things stayed in my mind.

1)  What if someone had not told me about that event ? I would have entirely missed attending it. #EventDiscovery

2)  It was a great event and was restricted to just 500 people in that conference auditorium.  The event content could have benefited thousands of people all over the country / world who could not attend physically.  Why not Event Organizer share videos, presentations to those people and also earn extra money ? #EventContent

I shall share the last important event, Event 3 in my next blog.  Till then, please check out   I am sure as a professional, you would have attended several conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops and Webinars.  Please View this Video to understand how eventValue helps you.  Don’t forget to download our Android App or IOS App.  Let me know your views, opinions and suggestions. 

Look forward for your Comments.

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