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By Vinayak Rajanahally, Founder & CEO, eventValue

Life is better understood when looked back. “Connecting the Dots” as Steve Jobs said in his Stanford University Commencement Speech in 2005.  True, so many things we cannot make sense while moving forward in life.  When we look back, it all seems well connected, falling in line with where we are today.  Hope you read my first blog – “A New Found Life

I wonder what made me to do a startup venture in my forties.  I did my first venture when I was 27 years old.  Exited it at 30 years, moved on to work for some of the largest telecom companies worldwide.  At 44, I started eventValue, an event technology startup.  When I look back, I am able to understand How and Why Now ?

I’ve had 2 decades of experience in Telecom and IT.  Have attended and spoken in several events worldwide, but have never organized a conference or worked for an event company.  So why did I leave something well established like Telecom industry and start something totally unrelated and new ?  Looking back, I can connect the dots now.  The Dots are basically the 3 Important Events of my life that made me start eventValue.

Event 1

It was in 2001, I received an email from iLocus, an International Market Research Group focused on VOIP and emerging Telecom technologies.  I was then doing my first venture (‘startup’ word was not popular then) Grand Infotech, building ‘ifax’ Fax Over IP and ‘iphone’ Voice Over IP networks and services in India.  As we were the leading Indian company in that space, they invited me to be a Speaker in that event.

It was a great Conference, well attended by CXOs of global telecom majors ranging from AT&T, Verizon, ITXC, Vocaltec, France Telecom, British Telecom, Belgacom, etc.,  As a 29 year old, sharing the dais as Speaker among those global CXOs, was not only exhilarating and but apprehensive too.  I did speak and network well with all the Conference attendees of that event over 2 days.

When I exited my venture in 2002 and looking for my next stint, Mr. Paul Ash from ITXC Corp (aka Teleglobe, now Tata Communications) whom I had met at iLocus event told me they were starting their India business operations, looking for a Country Manager to lead Indian Subcontinent region and the role was appropriate for me.  I took and it proved to be my most challenging and rewarding career of my life.  Within a year’s span, I was responsible for ITXC garnering 10% market share of Indian Telecom industry.  Was rewarded with Masters Club Award at St. Martens Island, which I still cherish.

It always stayed in my mind that my participation and networking at ilocus event helped me to get that dream job of my life.  #AttendeeNetworking

I shall share the other two important events – Event 2 and Event 3 in my next blogs.  Till then, please check out   I am sure as a professional, you would have attended several conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops and Webinars.  View this Video to understand how eventValue helps you.  Dont forget to download our Android App or IOS App.  Let me know your views, opinions and suggestions. 

Look forward for your Comments.

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