A New Found Life

By Vinayak Rajanahally,Founder & CEO, eventValue

After 22+ years of working both as an Entrepreneur and a Senior Executive, I decided to solve the pain points I faced during speaking and attending Professional events worldwide. The opportunity was so exciting and large, I founded the startup www.eventValue.com with a Rockstar team and am passionately working on it.

Couple of challenges I have faced at this stage of my life :

1) Comfort : In the past, I had never compromised on my flights, hotels and the expat business class life of mine. Now I travel only if it is a must, look for budget hotels, cheap airlines and have become shamelessly frugal..😊

2) Learning : I have spent decades doing Business Development in Telecom and IT through personal relationships with CXOs of Multibillion dollar companies. Event Technology being a new emerging space, I am educating and forging relationships in events industry. I have already spent few years understanding the industry basics, dynamics, market, competition, challenges, etc., and am still learning them everyday. Notably, I have learnt to unlearn too.

3) Volatility : Startup journey is full of rocks, thorns, potholes, roadblocks and even abyss ! Each day swings between Highs and Lows. Day mostly with Lows, Rejections, Heart breaks and Night with High in dreams….(Pardon my exaggeration, it is not so bad 😉)….. But whatever the swing is, I am the first and last man to take. Unlike in job where Highs, I could attribute to myself and Lows, smartly pass onto market forces, unavoidable, unforeseen and unimaginable factors! 😊

4) Age or Generation Gap : I have interacted with Investors, Accelerators, Customers, Colleagues, etc., who are much younger than me. Some are almost half my age or as old as my work experience. At times I am at the receiving end of their advices, views, which I have started valuing.

5) Money : In my last role as an Executive, I was responsible for generating USD 100 Million annual revenues to my Organization. Now I am in talks with investors to raise a seed round of USD 1 Million for my startup.

I sometimes feel, Is it all worth it ?  

Strangely enough, I am seeing this as a great opportunity for reinventing myself. Had I continued working, Would I brave to take risk at this age and get out of my Comfort Zone ? Would I have the ability, passion to dream big, learn something new from scratch and create something of value ? Would I know how to embrace and transform setbacks, rejections and difficulties ? Would I ever get to listen and work with youngsters half my age ? Would I learn to value money and resources as much as I do now ?

The answer is a Big ‘NO’.

Thankfully I have started appreciating little things in life. Little things blooming, taking Shape and Growing into Big things. Dreams drive me everyday. Sky is limit for Innovation, Growth, Unleashing my potential and exercising Endurance towards lows. There is new found Humility, Strength, Joy and Happiness in me.

I’ve started appreciating Value more than Price, Journey more than Destination, and Giving my Best more than Rewards. 

Am I crazy ? I don’t know and only time will tell. But I have started appreciating this new found life of being an ‘Entrepreneur’. A new Creative and Spiritual experience of my life. 

A new ‘Me’. A new Life of being Half my Age 😊

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